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Five of the worst formalwear mistakes, how many of these do you know?

Good morning everyone, I’m here today to feature some formalwear mistakes that can be easily made without you even realising. It can be more common than you think to go buy a tuxedo, suit or any formalwear and think you look great, without actually realising the mistakes you have made. However, I’m here today to put your mind at rest. 

Trousers bunching at the ankles

Without realising is this is usually the first formalwear mistake people make. Trousers aren’t made for everyone’s length which means you have to alter them to your size. There is this fine line between too short and too long, but the main problem is once you stand up, it’s all bunched up at the ankles making it look scruffy.

formalwear mistakes, mens trousers

Skinny ties, too skinny

When the new wave era came out, the skinny tie was incredibly popular, going against the norm of the wide long tie that looks overly ridiculous. This tie was a sort of rebellion to the normal fashions, while it worked for a while it was also short lived. When buying a ‘skinny’ tie have one that is thin, but not skinny.

mens skinny ties

Belts and Braces

One of absolute pet peeves, braces and belts, without realising it a formalwear mistake can be made that can make you look so foolish. Firstly there’s the biggest one, wearing a belt and braces. The braces were brought out to keep your trousers up but then came back into the scene as a fashion statement. Secondly, buy a belt that fits, you shouldn’t have to wrap it round twice… The same as the braces, they are meant to keep your trousers up and not sliding off.

mens braces buy

Leave your bottom waistcoat button

A small mistake but still easily made, when wearing a waistcoat, do not do the bottom button, because the minute you sit down it bunches up and makes you look wrinkled and creased, its meant to lie flat, without doing the bottom button you don’t make this mistake.

mens waistcoat mistakes

Cutting your threads

Ever bought a new suit and notices those threads in the pockets and the threads holding any material together? Well, you are supposed to cut them. They are there to showcase the suit jacket hasn’t been worn by anyone else. It’s such a common mistake to leave them on, but they are meant to be snipped and removed (carefully).

Any designer labels need to removed. I know it’s ‘nice’ to showcase where your suits are from and what not but no one cares where you bought it from or how much you spent, so remove them.

mens stitching mistakes

What did you think of the men’s formalwear post? Have you learnt something new? Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media. If you want to carry on the fashion reading, have a look at the featured posts below.

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