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Sometimes its hard to sit and absolutely focus on the things you are doing. With living in such a digital age where everything is at your fingertips it’s hard not to get distracted. When procrastinating anything can distract you, from your phone to the dust on your desk. However there are some tips and life hacks you can do to make sure you are focusing properly.

  • Keep food on your desk, naturally you want to snack and eat while you try and focus, so small snacks are always great.
  • Turn you phone onto silent, we are all highly attached to our phones, however when trying to focus, its best to try distance yourself from your cyber life!
  • Get a good chair. There is a reason bosses don’t sit on cheap chairs. We’ve all sat down to focus on our work and then after some time realised we’re sitting on a bag of rocks.
  • Clear your desk completely. When I’m trying to focus but really don’t want to, anything will distract me. The nibbled pencil on the corner of the desk, the piece of crumpled paper or even the dust that has accumulated in the corner… I know its bad.. Thats why I make sure there is nothing that can catch my eye.
  • Put on headphones. Classical music or no music is best for focusing. ( This may work for some people, but not for all. Some people can multitask, listening to music and working… I cannot, I end up putting it on shuffle then having a good dance for about 30-40 minutes, only to realise I’m procrastinating again!
  • Only reward yourself if your study session has been successful.
  • Frame a picture of your goal, look at it every morning before work. A motivational quote like ‘Work hard and never give up’, is something that keeps you motivated through those hard days. My personal favourite is, ‘No one said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it’!

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