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Franco Florenzi Watches:

Today I want to talk about, why quality is so important with watches nowadays…There are hundreds of watch companies out there, some more popular than others, but there is an old saying that I’ve started to live by with watches, which is; ‘Do not judge a book by its covers’ If you look at some of the watches on the market today, you see these beautifully designed watches that really do stand out in front of the others, but their life expectancy is very small.

Now if you are wanting a watch, that looks great, and you don’t mind that it breaks after a short period then go ahead, but a watch is meant to last, its an accessory that is supposed to stay on your wrist for a long period of time. It is supposed to give you the one thing you require, time. The last thing you want is to be on a tight schedule, to look down to your timepiece only for it to not be ticking…

That’s why I love Franco Florenzi watches, they don’t just look great, but their quality is just as great. For example their watches are going from Faux leather to 100% real leather and silver charms will not be more durable and will in the long term produce a higher life cycle for the watch. With improved quality, their watches will not only look fantastic on your wrist and with your outfits, but they will be able to last longer as well, and that’s what we want from a watch, it’s an investment, so we expect it too last.

So if you are looking at buying a new watch, something bold, beautifully made and has 100% quality then get yourself onto their site, and have a browse of the Franco Florenzi Watches. 

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Have a great day and check out Franco Florenzi Watches.