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 FreeVA Leicester Charity | Breaking The Cycle

We are a local charity that exists to reduce domestic and/or sexual violence and abuse, and to support victims. Latest available figures show at least 1 woman dies every 3 days from domestic abuse. Circa 2 million people live with domestic abuse and c.160,000 children routinely experience domestic violence and abuse.

Our services include:

  • working with children and adults from 0+ who have experienced rape/sexual assault/abuse
  • crisis response helpline with risk assessment, safety advice, emotional support, information, facilitating refuge
  • face to face practical support and counselling
  • support throughout the court process, minimising the trauma of giving evidence to bring perpetrators to justice
  • programmes for adult perpetrators of domestic abuse aimed at reforming their behaviour
  • programmes for young perpetrators who use violence, sexual abuse and control in their relationships including parents, including through use of the internet
  • Specialist training for professionals such as doctors, the police service, and taxi drivers e.g. to recognise hidden signs of abuse and sexual slavery

During 2018/19 we received 9513 helpline calls, provided face to face support to 566 victims and 41 perpetrators successfully completed our programmes.

FreeVA Leicester 2019

We were Leicestershire City Charity of the Year 2019 from 432 nominations, and a finalist in the Voluntary Awards for Leicester. Our Helpline Manager has received National Helpline Employee of the Year from the Helpline Partnership Awards.


Service user comments:

“If I didn’t have the support, I wouldn’t have ever had the confidence to get out”

“Support helped to cope with issues, helped with confidence, made me feel safe. If I did not have the support I would be self-destructive, possibly dead”.


If we did not exist the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland would not have access to any local helpline or specialist support. This impact would be devastating and could result in loss of life, further violence and abuse, continued suffering and cyclical abuse. Perpetrators would get no help to change their behaviour and would continue to be violent and abusive.


At Christmas domestic violence and abuse spikes for parents and children living with domestic violence and abuse and this time of year can be particularly traumatic and dangerous.  At FreeVA we are passionate about breaking the terrible cycle of abuse as up to 94% of perpetrators have been subject to domestic violence and abuse directly and indirectly in their childhood. Our programmes aim to transform perpetrators into the male role models for their children that they generally never had.

FreeVA Help Abuse

Please find attached a 30 second film we have made that addresses the idea of positive male role models and change. I hope you and perhaps your colleagues have time for a quick watch and would consider raising money for us this Christmas during your festivities.

FreeVA have no fundraising or marketing staff and all funds raised go towards delivering front-line services.  We would love to reach out and build relationships with local stakeholders in our business community. I would be delighted if I could come in to talk to the appropriate person regarding developing a relationship with your business into 2020.

Office:   (0116) 2550003

Website: www.freeva.org.uk

Twitter: #freeva



FreeVA  Leicester is part of the UAVA consortium

Registered charity number 1122344/Company number 05733540