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Gadgets you wished you owned:

So there are literally thousands of gadgets on the market at the moment, with everyone spending money on the latest iPhone, to solar powered chargers to even drones! But what are some gadgets that have exceeded sales recently, what gadgets would you bend over backwards to own. Or what gadgets did you guys feel like you needed more than anything else, well here they are listed below;

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The Booze Sneaking Bra:

That’s right ladies, there is now a bra which allows you to store wine inside. I can already here the women lining up to buy it!

The Coffee Absorbent Bracelet:

Coffee into your skin, sign me up! A new gadget has been released onto the market which allows the absorbent of coffee into your skin, how amazing is that, I would definitely sign up to that. Well I would definitely try it out, I’m not sure if it would actually work that well but I’m interested in seeing what it would do and how effective it is.

Solar Powered Charger:

Oh yes, not the most expensive item, everyone needs one of these. How many time have you come to your phone and realised there is not battery left or been out and you don’t have a charger, well with the solar powered charger you won’t have that problem.

Unbreakable Phone Case:

I think everyone iPhone user needs one of these, how many times have you dropped, smashed or chipped your phone because you have dropped it. Make sure that doesn’t happen again with the unbreakable iPhone case!

3-D Printer Pen:

We all want one of these even if your drawing skills aren’t that good, how fun would it be to make your own 3D pictures, I would love that! Definitely on my christmas list this year.

3-D Mouse:

Forget about having a mouse thats stuck to your desk, this mouth is on your hand and is 3-D so you don’t need to worry about cables or trying to plug it in, stick it on your finger, turn it on and you are ready to go.

Glove Bluetooth Speaker:

Now this one is very cool, may not be the coolest look thing, but definitely on my list, imagine being able to answer your phone with your glove.. mind blow! I definitely need this in my possession.

The Five Minute Charger:

The five minute charger, oh I think everyone is going to want one of these in their possession, the ability to charge your whole phone in five minutes, sign me up!

Hope you enjoyed my post on gadgets you wished you owned, if you know any other gadgets you wished you owned, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent