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Gentleman, spend your payday like a boss, don’t waste it, spend it effectively.

Payday is that great day of the month, where it seems the whole of Britain and the world are happy, money into the account, you feel good. But then, money comes in and so many people then spend it on useless items, items you probably already have three of. What you need to to efficiently spend your pay day money on items that are worthwhile, items you actually need. 

When payday comes around, we want to spend, we want to distribute our earnings onto products we believe we need. Now, of course there are some things we need, but make sure you spend that accordingly to the time at hand. What I’m here to do today is give you some inspiration of what all gentleman need at their disposal. What all gentleman should spend their hard earnings on.


The Shirt:

Casual/ Smart – A shirt is so important, its always needed and it needs to be crisp. Spending your money on a shirt is worthwhile, if you have a meeting, a date or you’re just going out on the town, a bold, crisp, sharp shirt is needed. Here are some shirts I buy, a shirt you need.

River Island – Blue Striped Shirt – Great for both casual and smart occasions. 

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Hair products that actually work:

Hair products are important, your hair has to look good, it has to be on point. This is the 21st century, there is inspiration for hairstyles, there is a hairdresser every corner. You have no excuse to have bad hair! 

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Your Other Half:

Now, payday doesn’t mean just spending money on yourself. Spending your hard earned cash on your other half is just as important. So, maybe its time to part with your money and treat someone! Now, if you don’t know what to get, here’s some ideas. But, you don’t just have to buy someone you can pay for a date. 

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A new suit:

A suit is so important, it needs to be fit correctly, it needs to look fresh, it needs to look fresh. Here are some great suit examples that need to be in your wardrobe.

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