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Gentleman Rules -How to be A gentleman in 2016:

With Valentines day around the corner, it’s time for you Gentleman to step it up a notch, or if you’re not up to gentleman standards, the you need to read this article on how to be a gentleman in 2016. Follow these gentleman rules and tips into making sure you impress your other half.

Paying for the meal:

Now when did this go out the window? I have seen it on so many occasions, the end of the meal comes and the man looks at the women to go ‘So… Are you going to get this one’ I can hear this from across the restaurant only to think ‘Why, why did you do that?‘ Now don’t get me wrong, once I’m comfortable with a girl I don’t see it as unfair for them to pay half. A gentleman respects women’s equality, but wishes to pay for the meal as a sign of appreciation.

Breakaway from that phone:

We are all attached to our phones, we are so connected to our phones that sometimes we don’t want to put them down. However, when you are on a date, or she wants your undivided attention, put that phone in your pocket and forget about it. Those notifications will be there when you get back.

Watch that mouth of yours:

‘Endeavour to find words that express your ideas eloquently’ Now we all swear every now and again, it’s in our human nature. However, that doesn’t mean you need to express every second worth with a curse word. There is no need for it. Keep that mouth clean, especially when talking to a lady, we don’t want to wash it out with soap. By swearing more, it shows you are less intelligent, a lack of vocabulary.

Are you coming in or staying out?

So the date has gone well, but now you find yourself outside her place, she’s looking at you with inviting eyes and says ‘Would you like to come inside’ now you have a choice here, you can go inside and see where things go, or you can kiss her on the cheek and say goodnight. Now, before you go inside her place, you need to think to yourself. ‘Are you going to call her again, are you going to ask her out on a date again’ If you don’t feel like you’re going to. Then its not worth her time, its not fair on her to be cheated like that.

Watch those damn eyes, open those ears: 

When she it talking, focus. Let me give you an example: She’s sitting across from you. Looking absolutely stunning and you feel your eyes starting to wonder, she’s now been talking for five minutes about her day and all you have been doing is staring down at her.. Well you know. This is where a lot of men go wrong, everyone likes to talk about themselves and what they have been up to, so listen and be observant. Don’t be that guy when she then goes ‘ What do you think about the whole situation’ All you can say is ‘Um umm well umm you know…’ 

Common courtesy: 

Chivalry isn’t dead, neither is common courtesy. There are some things men need to do without even thinking, like opening the door for her. Or giving your seat on a train, where there are no other available. If you want to know other posts like this click HERE.


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I hope these Gentleman Rules have helped you, its time be a gentleman in 2016 and treat your other half with the respect she deserves.

Have a great morning, make sure you follow these Gentleman Rules.