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Morning all,

As requested here is another Gents Timepiece Review,

This review will be on their Gents Signature Black Timepiece. My brother won this watch for posting a great picture on their Instagram, remember to tag them and you could also have the chance to win one!

The black face matches the gold outer circle so well, it makes the roman numerals stand out so clearly. Its a watch for the modern gentleman and works so well with smart attire. In addition the black strap matches the black face, giving it that extra bold look. The strap is also thicker than the other ones which makes it a lot more stronger and makes it last so much longer! I have noticed that some of their watches straps can become a little thin sometimes, so just keep that in mind!

This watch is a self wind watch which gives it that sense of class and originality. However, remember when you start your day wind it up straight away before you forget! As the wind up battery doesn’t last too long!

This is definitely one of my favourite watches, it looks so more expensive than it actually is! It only costs, $69.. It is usually on discount as well, so keep an eye out for the sales!


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