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Morning all,

Today I’m having reviewing the Gents Timepieces | Black Silver, this is actually the first ever watch I bought of them, I’ve had it for a long time but never actually got around to reviewing it.

What I like the most about this watch is the simplicity, the whole watch is only two colours, silver and black which marry each other perfectly. The black leather strap matches the inner face, keeping the roman numerals bold. This watch is definitely a stylish watch with an edge, as you can the skeleton of the watch it’s definitely something that will catch the attention of your peers. The mechanical battery lasts well, but do remember to wind it up!  When I wear it, I usually wind it up right in the morning, that keeps it going for the whole day.

At $65 this is a watch to keep your eyes out for, its self winding which gives it the classic, unique feel but with modern mechanics to make sure it lasts and always looks great. I’ve had this watch for so long, its lasted so well, the leather has never faded, or become thin. A watch for the modern gentleman, I’ve worn this with many outfits, but I like wearing this most with suits, as it stands out so well.

I recommend the Gents Timepieces | Black Silver to anyone,

You can buy it from here:

Have a great day, James