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A couple of months ago I stumbled across Gents Time Pieces Watches on Instagram, I have a great love for watches, so I decided to have a browse and see what they had to offer, their watches are at a great value, they range from being quite flashy to simple and clean. There are so many to choose from so there will be something to match your personality. My watch collection has grown quite dramatically, with owning about Severn now.. If you check out their Instagram page, you can see which ones are the best sellers, and what watches are trending.

Check out their website aswell for a larger choice, they range in price, from about $13 to $100, so there are many to fit your price range and won’t empty your wallet. Got to love Gents TimePieces Watches ;p

The watches are usually windup, which gives me a little bit of old school feel. but still modern with they way they look and feel, usually all the watches have a simple leather strap, that feels very comfortable on your wrist. They are all incredibly light which is great because the last thing you want is a huge heavy watch weighing down your wrist.

The only downfall is that the clips that the strap goes into can become loose quite quickly, but if you are gentle with them you should be fine. Overall this is something I would definitely recommend to a friend as they are a great extra to add to your outfit. If you want to see the other watches that i have check out my page.

If you have any other questions about Gents TimePieces Watches tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can check out my latest watch photos on my Instagram @james.vincent

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Have a great day, and remember to check out Gents TimePieces Watches