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With Christmas around the corner you now have the joy to buy christmas presents! But do you ever feel like you are buying the same presents every year? What about, something different this year?

So you want something a bit more cool this Christmas? You are a gentleman so you deserve a gift to match that! well hopefully I can inspire you, below are some gifts I’ve picked out as the manliest, most gentleman gifts you can get! ( That are reasonably priced)

The Vintage Shaving Kit:

vintage-shaving-kit, gentleman gift ideas, cool christmas presents, boyfriend gift ideas

Step up your grooming game by swapping out that disposable razor for this vintage shaving kit. You’ll have everything from a top quality badger hair brush to a sleek heavy-weight chrome razor and after shave gel that provide a barber shop quality shave at home. Check it out HERE

Whiskey Wedge Cup:

the-whiskey-wedge, jack daniels, cool gift ideas, boyfriend gift ideas,

Help take the edge off after a stressful day by chilling your drink with the whiskey wedge. The wedge’s stylish shape gives your drink an aesthetically pleasing look while its large size melts slower than smaller ice cubes to help retain your drink’s full flavour. If you think this is cool and should be on your gentleman christmas list, check it out HERE.

Gentleman Charging Station:

charging-station-gentleman gift ideas, cool gift ideas

Keep all your mobile devices fully juiced and always at hand by storing them inside this gentleman’s charging station. This custom built station comes with three different USB ports and features enough additional room to store all your gear like your keys and watches. Its such a cool Gentleman gift, click HERE.

Compact Craft Beer Brewing Machine:

pico-home-craft-beer-machine-300x250, beer brewing, home beer, home beer kit

Cut out the middleman and enjoy a delicious frosty mug of  some fine brew from the comfort of home using this compact craft beer brewing machine. It features a full automated process so that anyone from a novice to a brew master can make quality craft beer. Check out this HERE.

Maple Bacon Scented Candle:

candles-that-smell-like-bacon1, candles, candles for men, cool candles for men, bacon

Set the mood for an epic meal by filling the atmosphere with the sultry aroma of this maple bacon scented candle. As soon as this soy wax candle’s wick is lit, the room will fill with the intoxicating smell of cooked pork and your mouth will begin to water. Its time to up your man game, with this very cool candle. Check it out HERE.

Worlds Best Razor:

best-shaving-razor, razor for men, guys razors, best razors

Experience the best shave of your life by swapping that cheap disposable for the world’s best razor. Engineered to perfection, this heirloom-worthy item features a stainless steel frame and an easy to load blade system for optimal angled exposure. Ive never tested this out so I cant say if its the best Razor, but if you are interested in this check it out HERE. 

Premium Liquors Subscription Box:

Whiskey kit, types of whiskey, whiskey in a bottle

Become a liquor connoisseur by having some of the world’s best brands delivered right to your doorstep with this premium liquors subscription box. You can choose from a variety of liquor sampling packs including gin, rum, whiskey, and many more. This is so cool, and is definitely on my list, check it out HERE.

If you have any other great gift ideas for the modern gentleman, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can see more photos on my Instagram @james.vincent 

If you want to see other cool gifts, check out http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/

Have a great day,