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Girl Advice: Getting The Guy | Here’s The Tips You Need! You Need One Thing…

Okay ladies, let’s have a little chat. Now, I’m not cupid, I’m not Dr.Love but I can tell you what guys like… Well, what I like and in this case I’m speaking for a large majority of men. There about… Okay. Now I’ve done a few posts here and there for guys, getting the girl. But, I’m twisting it around a little. I’m here to help you ladies out a little bit. So here’s the girl advice you need for getting the guy of your dreams! Or the one you just cant stop thinking about!Want to know the trick? Want the secret… It’s god damn confidence. You may have the looks, the personality or that great ass you think even Beyoncé would be jealous of. But without confidence all of that gets hidden away… Yeah! But, let’s look at confidence in detail. Now, its been imprinted on us, throughout history, since the dawn of bloody time that the man asks the women, for a date/to bed/ to marry/ to mow the lawn. Yep, its the way it is… But, here’s the problem. Because its been imprinted on us, guys can get a little nervous when talking to women, you have the upper hand.

However, if for argument sake you’re in a club, dressed to impress in that new dress you just bought from some store that I don’t know the name of, grab your lace look high heels and head to town looking like even the whole of little mix may have competition. You rock up to a club, you’re inside, you grab a drink and scout, looking for that hot lad with his probably ugly friends to pick you up Cinderella style and take you away… Well, wake up call. The chances of that happening in the sticky smelly club you went into is small… real small.

But lets look at the probability of getting a nice guy hit on you in a club, small. But what if you notice a nice guy before he sees you? What’s the plan? Hope for the best? Maybe send a firework off and a pigeon with a secret message… nooooo. You make a move, that’s where confidence comes in. You’re hot, you look brilliant, that push up bra you never wore is doing magic and you feel like the liquid courage is started to kick in. Well, show him that confidence.

I cant stress this enough. Its so bloody hot when the girl makes the move, now I’m not saying, you go over to the guy never spoken to him before and say “Take me to bed” That my friends is a fairy tale… What I’m saying is, imagine you went over to a guy, he’s with his friends you look as good as you do and say… “Buy me a drink?” Now unless you have just come over to a guy that has a girlfriend, or you’re covered in sick he will most likely 99.98% of the time say YES.

Now this situation doesn’t just apply at the club, its everywhere. School, bookshop, butchers, the bloody garden centre you went to pick up soil and walked out with a gazebo. Showing a little confidence in front of guys compels us to match it with our… cough cough… moves.

So there’s my girl advice, now this may just be me… But every now again a girl needs some girly advice. If you have any other questions, comment below or reach out to me on social media