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GIRL TALK: What Women Say, What They Mean

Gentleman, let me give you some solid advice, some advice that I’m sure will help you later on in life, when girls say certain phases, you may think these are innocent questions, but they actually mean something totally different! Yeah.. stumped you there didn’t I! Well let me give the secrets into what they are actually saying;

I’m Fine:

Female Translation: I am not fine, I’m actually the total opposite, I am upset, annoyed, angry, or all three combined, but I’m not going to tell you the reason, I want you to play the guessing game.

Whatever, I’m officially over it:

Female Translation: I am clearly not over it, I’m going to tell the world I’m fine,  but I’m actually wallowing my self pity in that huge box of chocolates and wine I just bought

Fine, do what you want

Female translation: Whatever you are planning on doing, stop thinking it, if you dare do it or even think about it for a second longer I’m going to stage three crazy on your ass. But yeah totally your choice…

It doesn’t even matter now anyway, don’t worry:

Female Translation; It really really does matter, it matters more than when it actually happens and now I’m going to be pissed for the rest of the week.

Im on my way/ just stuck in traffic:

I’m currently sitting in my bath towel, with wet hair and no make-up and haven’t even chosen an outfit yet – see you in an hour… minimum.


I don’t mind: ( The most important girl talk you need to know! )

I do mind, I mind a lot, I know exactly what I want to watch/eat/do but I’m going to test you, how well do you know me? Enough to know what I really want…

How do you know her?

What is your entire past history with that woman, sexual or otherwise? Should I be threatened and am I prettier than her?

I’m sorry what did you just say? 

Oh I heard you, I heard you loud and clear, I’m just giving you a chance to change what you said, just incase you want to scrap that last idiotic comment from the world history…

I didn’t even like him that much anyway!

I really really liked him, he hurt me, now I’m going to put on a brave face, hit the gym and drink that bottle of vodka… probably in that order!

If you have any other girl talk translations into what girls say to what they actually mean, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent