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Go Nutrition Whey Protein Review | Protein You Need At Your Disposal

If you’re going to the gym and training regularly then protein supplement is needed to keep you going, build muscle and look great. Now, I’ve used many different kinds of whey, some have really worked well. But let’s talk about Go Nutrition Whey Protein, a brand I’ve reviewed before but they are stepping it up again!

Well, let’s talk a bit more about what protein I’ve been using and why. GoNutrition are a company, offering supplements products, meals and support supplements to keep your muscle growth levels strong and constant.

Whey Protein 80,

If you’re looking into their meals and want to know more, follow this link. Okay, let’s talk about their Whey Protein and why its so damn good! I’ve been taking it for a couple weeks now, the whey is smooth, loaded with protein from two small groups.

With the protein they feature, they also add their own protein bottle. This is interesting, I’ve had all kinds of protein shakes, from the high end electronic ones to the basic 1 pound ones. But you don’t realise how important a standard shaker is, with the metal blender ball inside, so simple but so effective.

Chocolate whey protein

(Tripple chocolate, 1KG Whey Protein)

I have two shakes, one before, one after every workout. The protein is great tasting, smooth and doesn’t bloat you. I’ve had the 1KG bag and its lasted for ages.

If you are looking for great tasting protein at even better prices, then head over to GoNutriton, make sure you have a browse of their meals too! I’ve had so many of them now, can’t get enough of them.

GoNutrition, Whey Protein Bag

(Nearly Empty – Scan & Re-Order, nice touch to never let yourself run out)

If you have any other questions about Go Nutrition Whey Protein, don’t hesitate to comment below or reach out to me on social media Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, if you want to know more about the meal prep, have a browse of their website!