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Why It’s Good To Go Wild

So why is it good to go wild? Well, I support it. But I suppose that statement is vague, so let me explain.We are creatures of habit; we like to get into that sort of routine that can become a little boring a little repetitive. 

The idea of doing the same thing day in day out can become ‘safe’. Yes, that word safe, it’s telling your body “what we are going to be doing is fine, there are no risks.” Which in some cases is perfectly okay, but in a lot of cases it not. Mixing up your usual routine, doing something a little mad doesn’t just increase your confidence but it grows you as a person.

For example, I knew this guy, he used to be a wild one, went out all the time, went to new places every weekend, always liked meeting new people. Then we got a girlfriend; he stopped it all. He became annoying, now that’s not a bad thing, he was a person he loved. However, he became a hermit; you need to let loose, go wild otherwise you just become this robot, doing the same thing day in day out.

Now I suppose that’s an example which relates more to me as he was my friend, but let’s do something a bit more generic. Look at the concept of someone saying, let’s go sky diving, lets do that pottery class, let’s just book that ticket and go on holiday. Now these are all risks, while some don’t seem to be but it mixes up your routine, your day and your plans. But that’s not a bad think, it forces you to try new things and always keep on your toes.

Live your life to the fullest, go wild and seek new adventures.

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