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The Rise Of The Robot,

Are You Going To Be Replaced?

Robot (s), they are becoming part of a our lives and the imagination that many inventors and story tellers had many years ago is becoming a reality, that will be an integrated part of our lives.

But what does this mean for us humans? A replacement, a peaceful integration or an up rising and replacement…. Now, I’m sure you have all seen one or many movies talking about the idea of machine and man living in harmony, or man and machine uprising against each other… It’s putting it into a reality perspective though, which way is most likely going to swerve?

In the last few weeks we have seen some developments in the robot world that are going to start changing lives. Like the IBM – Watson, the computer with a brain that learns, develops and adapts… Good or bad? You decide.

Then to the opposite spectrum of robots being used at Bars, replacing any human bartenders and waiters. This has been developed in China, and while this is a step up for the robot era, the human has now been replaced.

ROBOT, russia robot, escaped russian robot

Now, this is a small segment of what they are thinking, with plans for robot development and advancement, their will be more jobs being replaced by its machine counterpart.

How long will it be until these robots that humans design and make smarter every day start to rise up and rebel against their human creators.

Well its already starting to happen, in Russia only last week we saw an event robot, stop the commands it was given and roam the streets instead… Now, harmless as it was. What happens when the robots become smarter? Time will tell…

chinese robot, real life robot, robots

I believe robot integration into human population will be inevitable, but its just making sure the what we do is firstly smart, clever and safe. Because all it takes is one bad robot, before it all goes very wrong…What do you think of Robots? Something that doesn’t bother you? Or do you think we are in for a robot revolution? Comment below or reach out to me on @Facebook or @Twitter, have a great day!