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Five Ways To Make A Great First Impression

Making a good impression is so important, especially when talking a girl. You have exactly seven seconds to impress. What do you mean seven seconds? That’s right, statically woman will make a decision about you in that quick of time. Now of course there are exceptions… But if you get past the first stage you now have even more barriers. So let’s make sure you make a great first impression, leaving her wanting more.

“Making a great impression is easier than you think, but they are also easier to cock up than you think…”

Manners Make The Man – Being a gentleman

Meeting someone for the first time means they are naturally going to judge you, that’s just life. So when talking to someone for the first time its probably best you don’t swear, you don’t have excessive slang and you show a level of manners, especially when meeting a girl. You are trying to naturally impress her, so walking up, pumping fists and calling her bro, then processing to slap her on the ass will not go down well. Follow this post on how to make sure you are acting like a proper gentleman. > The Art Of Politeness, Manners Maketh Man.

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Keeping A Sense Of Mystery – Keep The Secrets Safe

When meeting a girl for the first time, let’s make sure you keep a sense of mystery about yourself. Going up to her, telling her your darkest secret will not go down well… But let’s say you are an open book, that’s good. However, you want to keep them guessing… Don’t tell them your whole life story the first time you meet them, you look a little weird… Follow this post on keeping mystery > This Is Why You Should Show A Little Mystery Especially On First Dates!

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Look good, feel good, act confident – Fashion is everything

Well as I am a fashion blogger, looking good is so important. Fashion is everything, now that doesn’t mean you have to be wearing a three piece suit, with a wooden handle umbrella in some fancy car. But looking respectable is so important. Making sure you are wearing clean, non offensive, well fitting clothes will definitely help your first impression. Going on a date, wearing cargo shorts, flip flops and a beanie just doesn’t give off the right message, think before you go out.

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Personal Hygiene is Top Priority 

Please guys, this is top priority. When meeting someone for the first time its always good to make sure you are wearing clean clothes, brushed your teeth, done your hair and look overall presentable. Its really not that hard, but you won’t be surprised how many times I’ve heard of dates where guys unfortunately smell, or haven’t brushed their teeth… Or even worse had food down them. Its the basics!

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Body Language Says It All 

This is such an important one, it ties in with the confidence and overall giving off the right impression, when meeting a girl for the first time, keep a sense of cool about yourself, be respectable, don’t slouch but don’t come across as to formal… You see there has to be a fine balance with everything. So for example, you’re on a  date, don’t act like you’re at home.. Don’t know what I mean follow this post > The Ultimate Gentleman Guide

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“Here’s why you shouldn’t be taking them to dinner on the first date” Stay clear of those first date mistakes.

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