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Have you got the essentials for a great New Years Eve?

“Let’s get your equipped with my list for a great New Years Eve, for an amazing start to the next year”

Starting the new year on a high note is so important, I suppose it just gets you on the right path for the year to come. If I look back at some of my last new year eve’s I’ve had some phenomenal ones and some very average ones. With 2016 being a pretty awesome year and I want 2017 to be even better so that means I’ve got to start the year on a great note. So I’m here today to talk about some of the key ingredients you need for a great new years eve!

The right people.

The last thing you want to do is start your new year with the wrong people. Okay, maybe that sounds a little mean, but actually its not. I would hate to start my brand new year with people that didn’t mean anything to me… Make sure you are surrounded by the people that make a difference to you, the people that care for you and the people you want to bring with you in the year to come.

Location Location Location… But Don’t Overthink it.

That’s right, your perfect location may be totally different to the person sat right next to you. The problem is a lot of people are drip fed the idea that a club is the best start for NYE but actually it may not be… One of the best new years eve I ever had was sat in a pub with my closest friends, sipping a beer, sliding into the new year without a care in the word. But saying that I have also had some fantastic new years parties in a club, with the balloons falling down as you hit 12. Which leads me onto my next point…

Plan but don’t plan. 

A plan is always so important, especially on new years because unfortunately you need tickets to get into anywhere. However, don’t plan the night so much that you are looking at the time every 15 minutes. Some of the best new years eve are the ones that aren’t planned to the point.

What did you think of the New years eve post? What are your essentials for a good night? Comment below or reach out to me on social media. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

James. x