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Feeling blue today? It’s not unheard of to feel a bit down at the start of a new week. But, there are ways around it! Now I’m not going to lie, I’m a morning person, I can just get up and I’m ready to go. Unless I’m hungover.. At that point I’m not really ready to do anything aha! So here are some great ways to beat the Monday Blues.

  • Now we all love the weekend, but you shouldn’t live for it. Studies have shown, that if people are stressed out at work, they usually go ‘wild’ at the weekend. Then in result feel depressed to go back to work. Spread the joy, plan something throughout the week to make sure you don’t burn out on the weekend.
  • Chilllaxxx, make sure you are having a balance on the weekend. Don’t clock out at 5pm on the Friday and then not remember the next 48 hours. Go out one night, then family an friends the next night. No one likes a hangover, and you especially don’t want a hangover, when walking into work on the Monday morning.
  • Make sure on Sunday you get into bed at an appropriate time. It doesn’t matter who you are, we all need a good nights sleep. So on that Sunday, get into bed put the Netflix on and relax.
  • Now this one doesn’t relate to me, I can’t go gym in the morning, just because of the way work is. But for some people, going to the gym in the morning in the best thing to get yourself going.
  • Get the music pumping, and the blood flowing! When you wake up in the morning, get your favourite songs on the go. That way you will be up and moving quicker!
  • Don’t skip breakfast, whatever you do don’t skip breakfast, you need food to keep you going, going to work on an empty stomach is the worst thing to do.
  • One way to beat the morning blues, it to take a step back… work out why you are feeling crap. Is it someone at work? work in general? Once you find out whats really ticking you off. Then you can work out how to overcome it.
  • Lastly but not least, PLAN AHEAD. Get yourself ready for Monday, don’t let the Monday morning beat you, by eliminating certain things that take up time in the morning will make it less stressful like; Having lunch ready, the outfit you are going to wear. Car keys and wallet at the ready. These little things will make your mornings 10 times more tolerable.

So I hope you try some of these out and hopefully it would make your mornings better!

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