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Guest Post – The Organ Donor Register | Harriet McCabe

This post was written by the lovely Harriet McCabe, to address and inform people on the organ donor register.

First things first, what is organ donation? Organ donation is when an organ or tissue is removed from one person and placed in another. Most donated organs and tissues come from people who have passed away, however others get organs from living donors.

Organ donation can save someone’s life; it is as simple as that. The waiting is a painful game and can last for many years and sometimes patients can die waiting. Once someone receives a transplant typically they will have a new life, a new energy which they didn’t have before. Essentially it’s a second chance. Whilst on the waiting list the patients receive treatments which will prolong their lives, for example kidney patients will be on dialysis. It’s important to recognise that this is purely a treatment and not a cure. The only cure is to receive an organ transplant.

Sadly, in the UK three people die every day waiting for a transplant, and within the last ten minutes someone would have been added to the waiting list. This is because there is a shortage of people on the organ donor register.

Transplantation is the treatment of choice; it is the best medical treatment for someone needing a new organ. For some people it is the only life saving option.

Now I understand that the prospect of donating your organs after you’ve passed away can be quite daunting! I don’t blame you, it’s not particularly nice to think about death. However, through donating your organs you can save or transform the lives of up to 9 people! That’s a lot of lives saved and it wouldn’t be possible without you! Being an organ donor is a generous decision. The ultimate gift.

If you have any questions or any worries about signing up to the organ donor register, then this website is a really helpful place to look: https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/supporting-my-decision/myth-busting/

Save or improve a life – register as an organ donor today

Real life stories

This is Matthew, he has been waiting over 7 years for a kidney. Read his story here: https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/real-life-stories/people-who-are-waiting-for-a-transplant/matthew-waiting-over-7-years-for-a-kidney/

matthew organ donor, organ donor register

This is Freddie, he is 3 years old and was lucky enough to receive a liver transplant in 2015, read his story here: https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/real-life-stories/people-who-have-benefitted-from-receiving-a-transplant/freddie-liver-transplant/

freddie organ donor, organ donor register

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