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Gym clothing | What should you wear?

Now if you’re going to the gym in a regular basis you’re probably wearing clothes.. Well I bloody hope you are.. But the question is are you wearing the right gym clothing?

Now at the gym I go to you see some unusual sights.. You see people where all kinds of clothes. Now when you’re at the gym, you’re supposed to feel comfortable, but what’s actually acceptable?

Well for me I usually wear all black, it’s not a reference but I just seen to wear it.. Literally what’s in the feature photo!

But let me run through a few things that aren’t exactly acceptable…

Weird Shoes: Anything from Doc Martins, to those weird webbed shoes, just stick to normal trainers, it’s not hard!

Tops to match you: There are loads of gym clothing on the market, but you have to make sure it matches you! For example, compression tops don’t always fit people nicely!


Don’t wear Jeans: please please don’t wear jeans… Its just a weird thing to see.. It looks so much unprofessional.

What did you think of the gym clothing tips? What do you like to wear at the gym? Share you thoughts below or on social media Facebook / Twitter.

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