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So you’ve got to the gym, you’re about to work out but you don’t even realise but you’re making mistakes.. Let me help you correct them! – Gym Tips

When you get to the gym, you usually have a limited amount of time and depending on the time you go, you usually see some unusual people! So let me give you some tips, to help you save time and get better results!

Waiting for Equipment:

So you’re at the gym, you finish the exercise that you’re doing only to look at what you want to do next and see someone on the machine… Don’t just stand there and wait for him/her to be done, you waste so much time doing it. Look around and see what’s available then come back to the machine you wanted to use.

Skipping a warm up: 

Okay you have got to the gym you’re pumped and ready to do, you grab the closest dumbbells and start pumping iron! Well that’s not the right thing to do… You need to make sure you stretch all the muscles properly before living heavy weight, unless you want to pull a muscle?

Not Doing cardio:

Some people love doing cardio at the gym, some people hate it, but you have to make sure you are doing both, cardio is great to stretch all those muscles out, so make sure if you are doing a lot of weight work mix it up with some cardio.

Skipping the muscle group you don’t like:

It doesn’t matter who you are, we all have the one muscle group we really don’t like doing, for example I hate working out legs, it’s just not my favourite to do. So naturally we try and make excuses to work out other muscle groups! But you have to make sure you are varying your workout.

Always doing the same:

We all want great results at the gym, but doing the same workout day in day out is not going to get them! Make sure you are mixing up your workouts as much as you can! Always trying new workouts and new things! Mix the gym workout to create maximum results.

Forgetting your water:

Ive done this so many times, you get to the gym all pumped up only to forget your water bottle, you need water! Now all gyms usually have a water fountain but its just a nightmare to leave your workout area, get some water go back only to realise someone is no one the equipment! Be prepared!

Not having music:

All gyms have music, but they all play different music which doesn’t always appeal to everyone! Ive been to a gym in the past and they kept playing adele, now don’t get me wrong I love adeles music but its not always the best to workout too! So don’t make the rookie mistake, take your headphones to get the music you enjoy!

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