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Well I don’t get hangovers… What are your like?

Hangovers, basically the price of buying tomorrows happiness! But… I DONT get them ahah

Something that’s a little weird If I do say so myself is that I never have or get hangovers. When I was younger I always thought that I could either just handle my drink incredibly well or that I didn’t drink enough ahah!

Now as the years went on (God that makes me sound old) but, yeah I never do or never have. For example, last night I drank quite a fair bit, and all kinds I might add. I know they say don’t mix drinks. But that never happens. Before you know it, you’ve had beer, wine, cocktails and some weird drink you’ve behind the bar with dust all over it.

But for example, last night I was in the jewellery quarter. I had parked outside my friends place, but I had to move my car at 8am the next day, getting back in at 4-5am and then waking up at 7.45 you can understand how the lack of sleep was probably getting to me…

However, I don’t get that whole, wake up stomach in bits, banging headache hoping you could crawl into a hole… But I woke up feeling great! But too great… like it was the calm before the storm! But no! I have felt great all day!

So yeah, I’m not saying I’m lucky but hey I don’t get hangovers ahahh!

But, there are tips into making sure you don’t get hangovers.

  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day before you go out.
  • Have a proper meal, you may be excited to go out but eat something!
  • Prepare yourself for the night to come.

How are your hangovers though? Do you get away with no hangover, or do you have raging ones! Comment below or reach out to me on Facebook / Twitter /.

Have a great afternoon,