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Happy Birthday… To Me, I’m 23! Where Has The Year Gone?

That’s right people, James Vincent has turned 23… I don’t feel 23 and for a lot of people, they wouldn’t believe I’m 23 either! But either way, Happy Birthday to me! This year has been pretty crazy, I have to say. In January next year I would have been blogging for two years…. Two years! How things have changed so much in that time. From expanding this little blog of mine into something spectacular, to meeting some amazing bloggers, influencers, celebrities and brands! What will 2017 bring?

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So far this year I’ve been working with some amazing brands all around the world, to being signed by the BMA models. Its getting busier everyday and its getting cooler with every step forward I take. I know that 2017 is going to be even more wild, with more collaborations, bigger campaigns and cooler things to come.

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I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that reads the blog everyday! Reading your comments and seeing your support on my blog and social media channels is what motivates me to keep me going. Thank you so much, whether you’re just starting to read the blog today or have been from the beginning! Let’s keep growing and we will both do great things! Love you all. x

Reach out to me on social media, choose your channels from Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram, I’m on just about all of them, let’s talk! I’m always up for a chat. If you don’t want to get in contact through that, use my contact form.

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Have a fantastic day everyone!