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Not Happy In Life? Then Change!

Ever had in life where you it just isn’t going your way, you seem like someone up there is picking on you. Constantly making your life just a little bit harder? Or even the aspect that every time you try make one step forward someone brings you back even further… What do you do at that point? Do you give up, plod along through life hoping that someone will give you a helping hand, or a miracle will happen? Well its not, sorry to say. There isn’t a magic genie who can grant you a wish… In life, you have to change, you have to get up and move forward. At the end of the day its up to you!

“You’ve fallen, crashed to your knees, the arm of failure reaching out, ready to pull you down, do you let it or do you get up one last time?” – James Vincent 

The problem is, as a human race, people moan, they constantly complain about why we are not happy, but we never do anything about it. They complain, day in day out about the people they are working with, to the job wage they are on, but never make a change… Constantly hoping for a miracle, constantly thinking that a magic door will open up and they can walk through and all the problems disappear… That doesn’t exist. However, you can made the door yourself.

“Deal with your problems with real change, not words, or you will be forever speaking an empty speech.”James Vincent

If you aren’t happy with the job you are with, if you aren’t happy in a relationship you are with, you aren’t happy not getting praised for the hard work you do, then change. Quit your job, follow your dreams. End the relationship and move on, not happy at getting no praise at the hard work you did, then find somewhere that will. You have to deal with your problems, by acting on it, not speaking about it.

You don’t understand how short life is, and to live life unhappy is not a waste, but a crime. It’s your duty, don’t waste it. – James Vincent

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