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Harvington Hall | It holds more secrets than you think.

“Harvington Hall is a place that holds many secrets… Time for an adventure.”

The other Saturday I decided to mix up my weekend a little bit, I wanted to go somewhere I never had before, so I tried Harvington Hall, I had actually been there before, but when I was very young, so I thought it was time refresh my memory a little.

The minute I started exploring it refreshed my memory, from the secret priest holes, to the rooms that no one knows exists. This place has so much history behind it and you don’t even realise it. You don’t realise but the events, meetings and people that went there changed the course of history.

harvington hall worcestershire

Staring at the windows to the land behind Harvington, a vast place.


Harvington Hall is a medieval and Elizabethan manor house. It was built in the 1590’s by Humphrey Pakington who was a recusant Catholic, at a time when the country was protestant under Queen Elizabeth I.

Throughout those troubled times, Humphrey and his family continued to celebrate Mass and needed hiding places to secrete the priest should the house suddenly be searched by troops. There are still seven hiding places in existence at the Hall, the greatest series of any in the country, and it is to see these and the rare Elizabethan wall paintings that visitors flock to Harvington Hall today.

What did you think of the Harvington Hall post? Is it somewhere you want to see? These sort of places always have more secrets than you think. Comment your thoughts or opinions below or you can alternatively reach out to me on social media.

james vincent, harvington hall

“Sitting at the bench admiring the beautiful manor house.”

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