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HM Shirt Essentials – Go To Shirt!

Good morning everyone, so I thought I would chat a little about HM shirt essentials , and why they are needed in your wardrobe!

Now, yesterday I was out and about at meetings, when at meetings you need to be suited and booted, that’s just the way it is. But, with the cold weather are now having you don’t really need to take your jacket off, so the shirt isn’t always on show. But yesterday was a pitch, an important presentation where you firstly need to feel comfortable and secondly on the ball with whatever you are presenting.

Now, with this in mind, you don;t really want to be wearing a shirt that is uncomfortable, itchy, badly fitted etc. The last thing you want to be doing while presenting is wriggling around hoping the shirt doesn’t pinch your skin. Well, to solve this problem I go with the very simple easy iron HM shirt. Why I go for this shirt is, it doesn’t really need to be press ironed. It looks great and is light.

Wearing this shirt at presentations makes it so much easier, it’s not heavy so you’re not weighed down, the breathable design doesn’t make you sweat under pressure and its easy iron, so I you haven’t press ironed it, don’t worry you won’t really notice any creases. This shirt has been featured in a range of posts already which are featured below, if you are interested in reading them or seeing the full gallery just give them a click!

I hope you enjoyed the post about my shirt essentials and why it’s needed! If you have a favourite shirt of your own , or different just comment below or reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter! Have a great morning

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