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Love Affects Your Brain:

Have you ever fallen in love? Felt like you couldn’t live with out your other half, well let me tell you that falling in love does some pretty weird things to your brain…

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So let me explain to you exactly what happens;

Hormones go absolutely bonkers: 

That’s right, when you fall in love, your hormones go all over the place, making you feel all kinds of weird and wonderful emotions. When scientists around the world tried to break down the process of love they all came to an agreement that its made up of three things. ‘Lust, Attraction, Attachment’ 

When you first ‘fall’ for someone, your body starts releasing adrenaline and norepinephrine which basically makes you have things like, sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach and basically making you feeling amazing, thats why some people call it a lovers high.

Works like a magical drug:

Yeah.. Love is like a drug to the body! When you see an attractive person your body releases the chemical as morphine, in a recent case study men were given small doses of morphine and then looked at a series of pictures of women and ranked them all higher on attractiveness than the group that didn’t have any morphine in the body.

Don’t stop the pumping of love:

When you are in love, your body will naturally pump more blood around the body, and it will even intensify when both people are fixated on each other.

Makes you blind with the bad:

Now, when you fall in love it can make the brain a little OCD basically makes you brain thinks things that aren’t always the logical solution. It makes your brain produce a drug called serotonin so basically it can make you become fixated on all the good qualities of the person and blinds you to all their baggage. Which is why relationships go tits up when the serotonin levels drop and realisation kicks in.

Produces a wall:

After some time your body can become tolerant to all kinds on natural drugs your body produces, thats why after a while your body can feel secure and safe when you are with the other half. However, this can also make a person feel depressed if taken away from them ( like a break up)

Its Great:

But at the end of the day love is great, its a fantastic feeling falling in with and having someone there! So fall in love, but just remember what it can do to your brain in the process.

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