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How Steve Jobs Started

There are some fantastic people that changed the course of history like Steve Jobs, but do you know how started? 

Now some people believe, that entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs traveled in a straight line, and succeed everything they want on their way. But it wasn’t a straight path like people think it was. Steve Jobs tried many careers and in many different places to try and discover himself.

But even with this effort, he wasn’t able to find exactly what he want to do. However, his creativity didn’t dip though, Steve Jobs found inspiration to keep his creativity high and to try and discover himself.

Steve had a great philosophy, ‘Keep looking don’t settle’ he wanted to try and inspire others to work as hard as he did and to make sure he kept inspiring other people. He spoke at the Stanford Conference named  “How to Live Before You Die.” He said  “You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers.

To be great in life, you have to be hard working and always push forward no matter what the boundaries.

Have a look at this great infographic below done by the guys at http://fundersandfounders.com/ 

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