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How To Know If A Guy Is Flirting With You:

So this is a post for you girls out there, now you have all been there, you have started talking to a guy and you have that question running through your head ‘Is he flirting with me, or is he just being nice’  Well I’m going to spill the beans and tell you how to know if he is.

So let me start this by saying, guys can just as complex as women when it comes to flirting, you can get guys who make it obvious, they are flirting with you and you just know it, or you get the guys on the opposite spectrum, where you’re thinking, ‘Is he? I’m not sure… He just seems really nice!’ It can be hard to know! Well here are male tells that should point you in the right direction.

How he treats you ‘ Princess Style’ 

If a guy starts ‘crushing with you’ then he will definitely be a lot more nicer, you will notice it in the little things, maybe the banter slows down and he starts throwing more compliments around. He offers you stuff that he usually wouldn’t. He starts making an effort when he didn’t usually, like even grabbing lunch for you at work, or picking something off the floor, it can be that simple.

The touch ‘Breaking the barriers’ 

When guys want you to know they are flirting, touching becomes a natural thing, showing they want to be more intimate with you, even when they say hello, to maybe sitting next to you at the desk and putting there hand on their arm. This is a physiological tell showing they want to break the boundaries and touch.

Personal space ‘The Imaginary bubble’ 

When you talk to someone you don’t know, there is an imaginary bubble between you, keeping the space professional, now as you become more relaxed with someone the bubble gets smaller and smaller. If a guy is leaning in when he’s talking to you, his mind is basically saying ‘ I want to kiss you ‘ so with him leaning in, is a tell saying he wants to get physical.

He remembers ‘Like a diary’ 

Being honest, guys can be pretty crappy at remembering things, half the time it will go straight over our head unless important. But you will notice if a guy is flirting with you, if he starts to remember things, even the little things. Like what you did on the weekend, what you’re having for lunch, that thing you just mentioned a couple weeks ago that wasn’t relevant.

Tension ‘Sexually’ 

You will start to notice that he becomes a little bit more… sexual. Showing signs of physical contact in joke form or he starts making sexual innuendos. Yeah us guys make it pretty honest when it comes to sexual tension.

Protection ‘Like a body guard’ 

The best way to test this is on a night out, if a guy approaches you and tries to start flirting see how he reacts, if he starts getting defensive or tried to pull you away then you can know he doesn’t want to share. ‘Now there are exceptions to this, there are some real weirdos out there’

Party for two? ‘Planning planning’ 

If he starts asking, ‘What you doing on the weekend’ Or he starts mentioning things like ‘I really want to go to this movie’ or ‘There is this great new restaurant’ Those are tells basically trying to hint that he wants you to come along.

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