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Afternoon all,

You all know my love for coffee, I drink it every day… But as its summer, and the warm weather is right round the corner, a warm coffee isn’t the most enjoyable.. You want something Ice cold and refreshing, so to do this, I’ve decided to follow a recipe online into how to make iced coffee. There are several ways to make it, you can check out other ways with WikiHow

The way I chose in the quickest and definitely the easiest;

1) Grab a coffee pot, jug or whatever you prepare coffee in, take boiling water, mix it with the coffee ( As you will be adding ice make it a little stronger than usual)

2) Once you have mixed the coffee add sugar if you want a sweeter taste, I say add sugar before it cools because it just dissolves better!

3) Then leave the coffee in the fridge until cold, once cold take out of fridge and pour an appropriate amount into a coffee glass, add the ice, then leave for a couple more minutes.

4) Now it’s ice cold, nearly done you add milk or cream, whatever you prefer, with maybe a shot of vanilla syrup to give it that sweeter kick.

5) Mix well and enjoy!

You have successfully made Iced coffee, if you want to try out other ways have a look at the WikiHow link.

If you have any other questions tweet me @mrjamesvincent