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That’s right people, the turtle neck is back this Winter, a perfect piece of clothing for these colder seasons. With ‘hype’ from certain movies and celebrities the Turtle neck is a piece of clothing all men should be looking into purchasing this fall.

Now, its very easy, to go out and purchase a Turtle Neck, but executing it correctly can something be a tad harder, when you purchase the Turtle neck, try it on in store before purchasing, this is not something I would personally risk in purchasing online. You have to try it on, some stores make their Turtle Necks so ridiculously tight, while others make the roll neck too long, what you need is a Turtle Neck, which rolls once over your neck, tight on your skin but not so tight that you are wearing lycra.

There is a big piece of information that I can give you to make sure the Turtle Neck looks great. Match it with your body type, if you have a skinny frame, go for a smaller one, then marry it with a bomber jacket. If you are a larger frame, go for a size that has some breathing space, then do exactly the same match it with a jacket that shows off the roll neck.

Lastly but not least, colours match the outfit. ‘Don’t be a clown’ now I’m not meaning a clown outfit.. when wearing a turtle neck its meant to stand out, its not a casual Tee. So whatever colour you wear, match it with a jacket that makes it stand out, keep it bold.

If you look below, I have matched the NEXT – Turtle Neck with a ‘Blue Borg Jacket’ see how well it stand out over the jacket.

If you have any other questions into how to wear a Turtle Neck or have any questions about the clothes I’m wearing, Tweet me @mrjamesvincent or Instagram @james.vincent


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