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I have recently graduated from University, about 3 months ago to be exact. Now for me, when I finished university, on the Friday, then I carried on work as usual on the Monday, I had already been in work for about a year so transacting from University to Work life was as easy as it could be.

However, a lot of my friends finished their university degrees, then moved onto into their new jobs, internships etc. Now for them this would be a nerve-racking time. Making sure they keep their new jobs! So I’ve devised some tips that you should follow when you are in a new job. They are as follows;

 Food for thought:

Make sure you are interacting with colleagues, by going out to places. Organising those office lunches or evening meals. This way you get all the gossip. Who’s seeing who, who works the hardest, who’s next in line for the promotion. This way you know the ins and outs of the company.

Back to the future:

Don’t talk about your old job.. No ones wants to hear, it. Don’t tell people how in your old job they used to do things better, especially people above you..

Words of power:

In the beginning, it’s best to talk less, observe and listen more. This way you know where you stand. Don’t be that guy that comes guns blazing asking for changes to be made, relax and listen to your surroundings.

Time after time:

Don’t be late, this may be the most important rule I can give you. Maybe you come in late once, then you think I can do that again and no one will notice, well you’re wrong, everyone notices! The saying ‘Better late than never’ Does NOT apply here.

Win the day:

You’re boss asked you to deliver a project by a certain date with the objectives 1-2-3, you in return did the project early and delivered objectives 1-2-3-4. The big thing here is under promise, but over deliver. This way they will be impressed you did more than asked for.

Managing up:

Sometimes even the boss needs praise, ‘Great Idea, boss’ That’s all you need to say, praise can be spread across all people. But don’t be a brown nose.. ‘Well done boss, that’s such a good idea, you’re so smart. Now you look like a dick. Keep it sharp to the point.

Steady progress:

This isn’t a race, you have been accepted into your new job. You have been given certain tasks and objectives, stick to them. Work hard and keep on top of your work, but don’t try to change the company in first six months, then you look like a know it all, and at that points people can turn on you quickly. ‘Stand out, but don’t be seen’ – What I mean by that is Work hard, but don’t shout about it.

So good luck in your new job. You will do great, if you want to know anything else or have any more questions drop me a message. Or tweet me @mrjamesvincent