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How to tell if a girl is flirting with you: 

Now, if you’re looking for flirting tells for a guy, then head over to this blog post! So let’s begin. Sometimes it can hard to tell if she’s flirting with you.. Us guys don’t always know if she’s just being nice or she’s actually interested. Sometimes girls can just be overly friendly and we mistake that for flirting… It can happen!

So let be put you guys in the right direction, these are some of the flirting tells I have come across with girls!

The Look “Eyes only for you”

Now guys if you’re not picking this one up, you need help. Girls will give you this look when they are flirting with you, its hard to explain, its like your eyes connect, it’s like an invitation, she’s basically saying ‘Come on, make the first move, come talk to me’ 

Teasing  ”The repeated process”

Girls, like guys love to tease, its the playful action that is inviting. If you feel like she’s constantly teasing you and by teasing I’m meaning harmless banter, she may just be flirting with you. Notice the type of ‘banter’ she churns out, is it random? inviting and even a little sexual, yeah then she’s flirting!

The Touch ”Pay attention” 

Now the touch is very important, and its also where she is touching you, for example, when talking to you if she puts her hand on yours, she inviting ‘contact’ between you both, she’s breaking the barrier of the imaginary wall between you two. but if she’s tapping you on the head saying can I borrow a pencil, yeah that is not flirting ahah.

Texting ” Practical or anything” 

Okay, let’s make this one clear as a lot of guys get confused about this. The type of text will tell you if she interested or not. If she’s texting things like ‘Make sure you remember to bring in that document for work, or make sure you finish the presentation for the group homework’, she’s just being practical. But, if she’s texting random things, or just trying to open up conversation in any way then she actually wants to talk to you.

First Move ”First Text” 

Sometimes for girls, texting first can be a very hard move, usually they wait for the guy to text first, so for a girl to make the first move means a lot. However, remember to link this back to the one above, is the text practical, or is she texting you about random things?

Laughing ”Your stories probably aren’t funny” 

Right, gents let me be honest here, your stories usually aren’t funny. If you’re telling her about that time you drank 14 beers, then did a handstand while singing swing low, sweet chariot, and she laughs… SHES INTO YOU. Usually the stories guys tell are pretty well.. crap. If she’s laughing at your terrible jokes, and excessively, she is definitely flirting.

Nicknames ”Cutie Pie” 

Nicknames can tell you a lot about how she feels, if you two once went to the zoo and she thought you looked like the monkey there and starts calling you ‘her little monkey’ then she’s into you. But if she walks past and calls you a shithead, yeah… that’s not flirting haha! Nicknames can tell you a lot and if she says them in public as well.

Date Time ” Making Excuses” 

If you notice her talking about a new movie that has been released, a great new cafe that has opened up that she really wants to go to, or keeps asking what you doing on the weekend, she wants to spend it with you. I’ve actually seen this first hand a girl goes; ‘So.. what you doing this weekend? Theres a really nice new restaurant I want to go too!’ and the guy replies with ‘You should go then’ -.- < Seriously? Guys you need to pick up on this!

These are just some of the flirting tells, but what do you think? Are there other flirting tells that I don’t know about? Comment them below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent