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Insane Toast Facts:

So as you know, its National Toast Day, i didn’t even know toast had its own day but it looks like it does! Now i love toast, who doesn’t? Getting a bit of butter, spreading it on your toast.. BOSCH.
But today, I felt like doing a post on why some insane toast facts I didn’t know. so here it goes;
  1. Did you know that toast was invested by Thomas Edison, in 1916, I did not know that… Thomas Edison invested toast, that puts my whole knowledge of toast on its head.
  2. At one point toast got so popular that it was featured in films as a main leading role? What? that’s crazy… toast as an actor… I don’t even know how that works..
  3. Did you know the atom bomb, may not have been originally designed for its purpose that it was used for. J Robert Oppenheimer was a lover of toast so much that he wanted to develop a machine that would heat up a large amount of toast in one go.
  4. I have a dream.. of toast. DR.Martin Luther King wrote his first draft of his speech on a piece of toast ( I don’t know if I believe this one to be honest)
  5. President Ronald Reagon and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev bonded over a piece of toast, which helped finish the soviet union.
Those are just some crazy toast facts, if you know any others, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can comment below.
Have a great morning,