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Insomnia Tips – Do you suffer from insomnia? Feel like you can’t get to bed at night, well let me give you tips into trying sleeping well again.

Sometimes in life we don’t always get a good nights sleep, sometimes we get to bed ready for a good night sleep, only to have ourselves staring at the ceiling wondering when we are going to fall asleep. The worse of it is we don’t understand why we don’t get a good night sleep. Now, for me I don’t suffer from insomnia, but I do have a bad nights sleep every now and again. But what I can do is give you some insomnia tips.

Wake up at the same time each day.

People that suffer from insomnia also have unusual sleeping patterns, try get yourself into a routine that gets you up a sensible time every day, I’m not meaning get up at 11am and go to bed at 2am. Stay sensible, the more you get yourself into a sleeping regiment, then you have a higher chance of sleeping better.

Limit naps.

Now naturally we get tired throughout the day, but if you nap you have a lower chance of sleeping at night. The problem is it messes up your sleep routine by sleeping throughout the day. If you feel tired throughout the day and you want a nap, try work through it, until you go to bed at night.

Exercise regularly.

Exercise is a key to sleep better, I always feel that if I workout it makes me more ready for bed. It makes me more tired and then I sleep better at night, if you feel like you have to much energy before you go to bed, then do some exercise.

Limit activities in bed.

The bed is for two things, sex and sleep. Make sure you aren’t doing work in bed or keeping your mind active in other ways, by limiting it to those things you physiologically program yourself to think that bed is for sleep and sex, not for other activities.

Do not eat or drink right before going to bed.

By eating or sleeping before bed we create energy, then you try to wind down with all these energy still in your system produced a negative effect. It’s like trying to sleep while drinking red bull, it doesn’t work.

Get all your worrying over with before you go to bed.

We always have worries in life, that is inevitable. If its about work, or relationships or just something you forgot to do, but don’t take it to bed, get rid of those problems before you head touches the pillow.

If you know any other Insomnia tips, or how you resolve the issue into getting a good nights sleep. Comment them below, or tweet me @mrjamesvincent