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Now, Instagram is literally one of my favourite platforms, I use it just about every day, but now Its time to educate you! With some pretty amazing Instagram facts!

6  is the number of engineers Instagram had in 2011 and had up until it was purchased by Facebook in 2012. A tiny number of technical staff considering the app had by this point more than 10 million active users. No pressure.

400 million is the approximate number of monthly active users Instagram now has – a figure higher than Twitter. But, the question is “Can they keep it up?”

3.5 billion is the number of Likes on Instagram every single day. The most liked image on the site is Kendall Jenner’s heart-shaped hair selfie! I can see why though! But every day people get closer and closer to beating that!

73.9 million is the amount of followers Taylor Swift has… Wow, that’s a lot!

Instagram will bring in $595 million in mobile ad revenues worldwide this year, and $2.81 billion by 2017

Justin Bieber’s following at at 65.5 million… Below taylor but not by far just a casual 8 million haha!

Silicon Valley is awash in billion-dollar start-ups, and Instagram is valued at $35 billion

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