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10 Ways To Become A More Interesting Man

Good morning you lovely people, I am back with another blog post, a gentleman one. Today we are going to be discussing 20 ways to become a more interesting man, let’s begin.

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1. Get a signature accessory with a story

A signature accessory, yes this is so important. It can be anything really, from a pocketsquare you always wear, to a ring to even a briefcase passed down from father to son. Have the accessory and stick the story with it, a great ice breaker and people will always remember.

2. Build a good book collection

A well read gentleman is so important, expanding your vocabulary and your knowledge is so important. However, you have to make sure what you are reading is important, worthwile and makes you a bigger person.

3. Learn how to cook at least one meal really well

Cooking is always a way to anyones heart, it shows creativity and is something every gentleman should know how to do. But make sure you know some signature meals, meals that you can cook all the time. If you can, learn 5 that way you are always prepared.

4. Get a favourite cocktail – and learn how to mix it

There are certain traits that every gentleman should have, and knowing how to mix a cocktail to perfection is always important. Choose one and know it inside out, also different variants to it.  mens spring fragrances

5. Always stick to your own opinions, even if they’re divisive

There’s nothing interesting about not fighting for what you believe in and not expressing your opinion. Now, you’re opinion while very important should be said at the right time. Don’t fight just for the sake of it and when expressing it, say it calmly.

6. Try a left field hobby, without caring what others think

If you want to take up Karate, rock climbing or even playing the violin. Without batting or caring what others think.

7. Get something bespoke made just for you

Look at the movie sherlock holmes, Watson always caried around the walking stick, hand made with african leather with a blade inside it. Get something made that is totally unique to you.

8. Learn the art of telling a decent story

We all love to tell a story, we all love to keep peopel interested and tell them your adventures. But when telling your story, make sure you have a punchline, you keep it clean and you always keep them enticed.

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9. Pursue interests outside of your career, and don’t let work consume you

It can be so boring to just speak about work, don’t let your 9-5 get in the way of your personal life. Make sure you are intersted in pursing courses, new skills outside that job. Keep that mind active and keep growing as a person.

10. Use your weekends to do more and learn more

Working all week can bring you tired, it can get you down and make you feel like all you want to do on the weekend is chill, relax and put your feet up. But your weekends should be to keep your knowledge up, it should be to go places experience more and learn more.

What was your opinion on becoming a more interesting man? Comment your thoughts below, or you can alternatively reach out to me on social media. If you want to carry on the fun reading, have a look at these posts below.

Have a great day everyone and remember to comment.

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