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Edward Snowden’s iPhone case detects government spying!

Now I’m sure you have heard of Edward Snowden, if you haven’t you really need to brush up on your knowledge. In a nutshell, Edward Snowden was one of the biggest whistle blowers (Someone who publically shared government spying secrets to expose individual’s or sensitive information). Edward Snowden is some peoples eyes is a Hero, others believe he should be help for treason. But now, he’s back! With his new invention.. Detecting IPhone case!

In the last 6 months, Edward has come back into popularity due to the release of the movie based on him, that will be released very soon. In addition, publically announcing the launch of his first ever product. This product can protect you from government spying! Now without sounding like a madman, is the government really spying on us? Well yes, its been publically announced that companies like the NSA are constantly spying on us… Yeah, but even in England there are places dedicated to obtain, control and manage masses amount of digital data.

Going back to Edward Snowden, a man who is constantly on the run wanted to help the public in protecting their data. Well, with his new product you may just be in luck.

“During the next 12 months the pair will “prototype and verify” the device and if the work is successful the Freedom of the Press Foundation “may” look to produce it.” – Wired.

Will this be the future for protecting our information? Or will it cause a back lash with more government spying companies trying to bypass it and obtain information another way, we will just have to wait and see!

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