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iPhone What Happened? 

Now, where do I begin, I suppose we have to go back to go forward. 48 hours ago Apple released their “new” iPhone. Well, its new but they have gone backwards. with the iPhone 5sE, yeah… Well Apple if you didn’t realise, you have gone backwards. Now, I’m sure they have a plan! A company that large would definitely have a plan but it makes you think, what’s running through those developers heads. 

‘Leading innovators’ from around the world, offering slick designs with fantastic user faces, but apple seem to have gone backwards recently, with the faulty iPhones 6s exploding, to the iPhone 6s bending… With such a large budget and people buying their products left right and centre, you have to think. “Do they even care now”

It makes me imagine a situation where the leading developers would be sitting round the table and going; “So, new iPhone? Any Ideas?” – “How about holographic, no how about glass phones, no how about high tech interfaces which allow three way Skype and larger batteries” … Then the lead developer would reply with “Well, I’ve just bought a new home from the budget, so how about we take all the iPhone 6 technology and put in in a old phone?” Good Job guys, well done!

When I was growing up ( God I sound old ) Nokia was the leading phone distributor, constantly coming up with new ideas, new phones, different colours and cooler gadgets. Nowadays we all have the same rectangle brick…

Now don’t get me wrong a couple companies are fighting back and saying “If you guys didn’t realise, apple are actually outdated” Which they are, if you look at companies like Nexus Nokia HTC they are trying out new things, and guess what its working!

But what’s your opinion, do you like the new iPhone? Or do you have a different phone? Comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent