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Is University All Its Cracked Up To Be?

Good evening everyone, hope you are all having a good weekend! Right let’s begin with this blog post.

A follower of mine on twitter asked me a question, she was debating if university was the right option for her, if it was really as good as it was cracked up to be! Well, let me lay my experiences and opinions about university. So for this blog post we have to go back… way back aha!

( Going back to the day I finished A-Levels ) Okay, now as I finished A levels, young minded and fresh to the world I believed in my opinion university was not for me, a waste of time. I wanted to work straight away. However, I did also want to further my eduction. So I did something different, I did a diploma, 2 days a week, then worked the rest. That way there was a balance. As the time passed, I worked hard, mastered my craft, but as the end of the two years I was approached by the university close by. They basically said “You have aced your diploma, want to carry on at university, get the full degree” So I thought “Okay maybe this is the way to do it”, so I decided to roll the dice, and went with it. So for my last year of university I was in halls…

Now I’m not going to go into the story of university, that’s a very long story that I plan to write soon, full of excitement, love, heartache, arguments, messy nights, good/bad memories and the rest ( #watchthisspace ) 

What I can say though is even though I was reluctant, overall university was an amazing experience, Imagine it like a 3-4 year intensive part of you life where you grow and and learn so much. When you are at home you have help, whatever it may be. Cooking, cleaning, life advice or just general help. When you are at university you are thrown in the deep end. You learn all of those really important life skills at such a quick rate.

But not just that, you make amazing friends, you have great nights out, you learn something you actually want to ( yeah okay some of the lectures are bollocks ) You fall in love, you break up with people you get into arguments you discover the real you and that’s what university is about, discovering the real you.

At the end of the day I believe it is an amazing thing to do, and I recommend it to anyone not thinking about going.