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The magnetic attraction of the cosmos. The revelation of a new olfactory dimension. A scented nebula of vibrant notes. We are here today to talk about the launch of a brand new men’s perfume that you’re going to want to at your disposal. Are you ready for the ISSEY MIYAKE | NUIT D’ISSEY Perfume Review?

With Nuit D’issey, Issey miyake draws his inspiration from the power of the night.  A time where emotions are magnified. Sensations testified, Every light, a source of energy. Every scent, a connection with the elemental forces of nature. Every step an initiatory journey.

In the first phase of this olfactory exploration, Nuit D’issey Eau de Toilette (2014), the perfumes Dominique Ropion and Loc Dong set moon-bright bergamot against a noctular backdrop of leather “black” woods. In their second scented journey, the high contrast Nuit D’issey Parfum (2015) a luminous grapefruit spills its glow on a velvety tonka bean and vanilla accord.

This is a perfume which is showcasing the potential of the men’s fragrance line. This eau de toilette is creating a new attraction and urge in this industry. If you are looking for a new scent which stands out, smells phenomenal then you have stumbled across a gem in the rock.

Interested in this perfume browse their line here.

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ISSEY MIYAKE | NUIT D'ISSEY - Bleu Astral Review
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