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Jack Daniels Drink Ideas… The Best Mix. Here’s Some Drink Ideas You Need!

We all love a bit of Jack and Daniels, who doesn’t but there are alot more ways to serve it than you think! While of course it is amazing to drink straight… Right out the damn bottle, there are ways to mix it to create these amazing Jack Daniels drink ideas begin the mixes! 

The Tennessee Tea.

jack daniels recipes

The Tennessee Tea drink recipe blends Jack Daniel’s with cola, triple sec and sour mix. Can you deal with the sourness?

Jumpin Black Jack

Jack Daniels Drink Mix

The Jumpin’ Black Jack is a sweet but potent cocktail. It blends Jack Daniel’s with blackberry brandy for plenty of proof and flavor. The ultimate mix for ultimate flavour.

Stock Market Crash

Jack daniels mix ideas

Truly a drink for our times, the Stock Market Crash combines the over-hyped and ever profitable Coca Cola with three whiskeys, a liqueur and some black rum.

Jack and Coke

Jack Daniels Drink Ideas

A classic, no explanation really needed… We’ve all heard it, tried it… loved it.

What did you think of the Jack Daniels drink ideas? Is it something you would try? Share your thoughts below in the comment below or reach out to me on your desired social media channel Facebook / Twitter / Instagram. 

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