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James Vincent Clothing | News and Updates

It’s Sunday evening; the sun has gone in for the day, everyone is relaxing and getting themselves ready for the week ahead. But as I’ve had about four coffees and two red bulls today, I am feeling wired, so with the energy still pumping through my veins, I’m going to give you an update on how the James Vincent clothing Line is going. 

For those that keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram, you will know I have been non-stop talking about this clothing line. Well, I call it a clothing line, but its just James Vincent merch aha.

James Vincent Clothing store online

Now for those just checking this out now, let me give you a little information. These are just prototypes, I have also ordered some with just the logo ‘JV’ on it. So I was to see which look best and which I will keep. To get this launched, I may just start with the T-shirts to see how it goes then as it progresses and evolves I will be launching other clothing like Jumpers, shirts, etc. But this is all hypothetical; it may take a lot longer to pick up and grow, so the best thing to do is just so how it goes.

I ask you though for all the help I can get to promote this, for your feedback and what you want to buy and the colours you like. This isn’t just my clothing line, but yours! I want you to be happy and proud to wear it. I want your ideas and your style to match it!

Also, this clothing line will also be giving a percentage of their profits to animal foundations as I also want to do my bit to give back as much as I can!

Make sure you keep a lookout on social media and the blog for the launch of the merchandise, we are getting closer and closer every day to the day it goes live. Comment your thoughts on the design of the t-shirt below, if you have any feedback or recommendations that would be amazing.