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James Vincent Magazine Interview | County Lifestyle & Leisure

For those who didn’t get a chance yet to pick up the County lifestyle and leisure magazine or you’re in another country so you can’t get your hands on it don’t worry I have you covered, here is a copy of the official James Vincent interview. 

It started with a blog and a teeny challenge from a fellow undergraduate but crashed instantly. Then it clicked. Two years on it’s clicked few million times, and now, at 23, James Vincent is a rising internet phenomenon, a social media ‘influencer’ in fashion, travel, food, lifestyle and all things Worcestershire.

Via the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his regular podcast, James’s chatty posts freshen up the day for some 44,000 followers and keep gathering momentum as he can barely believe, exploring subjects from what to wear with an Oxford shirt to how to get yourself out of bed in the morning.

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With boundless zest and a ready smile, James is seriously out and about exploring the good things of life from fine watches to fabulous places to visit. He’s been a model since he was 14, lived in Dubai before coming home to England and picked up a business management degree from Worcester University, learning loads about marketing along the way from his dad, the former marketing director of Birmingham NEC and its Dubai equivalent. The two of them even launched their own marketing agency, Hot Source Creative, pooling ‘old school and new school’ material.

James reached the finals of the 2017 UK Blog Awards for seriously good social media practitioners. He took early inspiration from London based Steve Booker’s fashion and lifestyle blog and scored early success with his ‘trying and testing’ approach to products, delightedly finding himself early on with a Peugeot 308 GT delivered to his door to drive and describe ‘like something out of a movie’.

Constantly updating his sources and style to greater and greater success, James remains cheerfully modest.

hot source creative, marketing agency Warwickshire

“I’ve met loads of people in the industry, and I’m constantly learning new things,” he says. “Whatever you think you know there’s a massive amount you don’t. However advanced you are you’re always two steps behind. You have to find your way of doing things and keep evolving.

“Blogging is a 24/7 job, not a 9 to 5 one, and I always – always – make time for people who message me.”

James has recently enjoyed a special collaboration with Suzuki cars and sees his future going more commercial, toward TV and in six months’ time into merchandising, with a percentage of sales from an online shop going to local and global animal charities to bring in an extra feel-good factor for this buoyant owner of two cats.

James also says he has found his special place in life … Worcestershire!

“I love Bromsgrove, and I am about to move out to Worcester,” says James. “I’ve been all round the world in so many cities and countries, but I always come back to Worcester! It’s a lovely place with lovely people, and there are all sorts of small businesses that are growing and doing well. You can’t beat it””

You too can follow James Vincent at www.jamesvincent.life and find him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or message him at contact@jamesvincent.life

I hope you enjoyed the exclusive interview from County Lifestyle and Leisure magazine, once again a huge thank you to them and the team, make sure you check out their website.