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James Vincent Podcast | The Launch

The launch of James Vincent podcast or shall I say podcasts. So today I wanted to go over the launch of the podcasts and why I have decided to do it, let’s begin. It all started a few weeks ago where I was talking to Scott Mc Glynn who is a presenter and a  Role Model, also, he also runs his podcast called the “Scott Mc Glynn show”. Where he featured me on there talking about the influencer scene, modelling, grooming tips, fashion and so much more, you can watch it here.

After we had done the interview, I started to think to myself how much fun this could be. You see in the influencer, blogging world there are so many inspirational people. Each with their unique tips, life and process in doing things. I wanted to share some of that with everyone.

The James Vicent show will be aired once a week on a Tuesday; this will give me time to do the interviews and edit it. The people that will be on the show will range from bloggers, Vloggers, celebrities and random callers. Of course, it will naturally evolve and change over time but let’s see how it goes and let’s see what happens. This could be the start of something entertaining, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

The podcasts will be published on a range of platforms but it there will also be a brand new podcast section on the site so you can listen to them while doing other stuff.

If you want to know more about how the podcast is going to work or any information that I have missed off here, you can always reach out to me on social media, or you can comment below. You can follow my Podcast twitter here. Have a great everyone, remember to comment your thoughts below, have a great day.

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