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Jamesvincent.life T-shirts have arrived! 

Before we begin talking about jamesvincent.life t-shirts make sure you follow me on Instagram to see my latest pictures and on twitter to see my latest news! So for quite a while I’ve been talking about getting my own T-shirts, I’ve seen thousands of printed T-shirts before but I thought I wonder what It would look like with my site link on.

So I went online, found a personalised T-shirt maker company and started cracking on! I uploaded my design and had a little play around to see what they looked like with different designs. Once I was happy with it, I purchased it and waited! 5 days went by and then my amazing tee had arrived! It looks so cool, and definitely something I’m going to be doing more of.

After posting it on twitter, I found out a fair few of you want one of them ahah! So in the future I will be doing a massive Tee give away, and when I’m on YouTube I will even be opening up a store through the blog that you will be able to buy them, in a range of colours and different designs!

Pretty cool right? So I hope you are interested in a jamesvincent.life tee and you are ready for a giveaway in the very near future!

Have a great evening,