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Johnsons Volkswagen, Centre Birmingham Review.

Well if you follow my blog, you will know that I have recently bought a new car… Yes that’s right! I’ve recently got myself a VW scirocco. Brand new pearl black, sexy car. I bought this amazing car from Johnsons Volkswagen in Birmingham, so I thought I would have a little chat about my experience.

“Johnsons Volkswagen, the car centre who make car buying easy, stress free.”

Now this was the first car I’ve ever bought… And if you’re a new time buyer it can be pretty scary, all those questions, dealing and trusting someone you don’t even know to be caring and get you a good deal. In addition, parting with all that money…Yikes.

Now as I had started looking I went to all the centres. From Audi to Vauxhall to VW to Peugeot. Some in my opinion were pretty crappy.. Sleezy salesman trying to dabble you with science and figures to get you to part with your money. To trying to get the bigger, stronger, more expensive car.

As I started looking around it went to Audi first, it was so ironic. I looked upstairs at a few of the cars, nothing took my fancy. Then… I notice a VW scirocco parked in there.. Someone has left there for one Their friends, they allowed me to sit in it and I was sold right there. That’s what I want! I was in love with it.

So next stop VW centre, I went to the Johnsons centre in Birmingham, the minute I arrived I was greeted by someone, the offered me coffee, friendly and even gave me a brochure.

“Make sure you go chat to Bobbi and Dave, the guys who really make car buying easy”

I first of all met Bobby, this guy is built like a tank… Tall and extremely muscular! But literally the friendliest guy ever! He greeted me and we had our first initial chats into exactly what I wanted and gave me the low down of everything.

Once we had finished the conversations I was then in contact with a guy called Dave, also extremely friendly, polite and highly informative, any questions I had he answered them honestly, no messing about, no jargon or trying to dabble me with science, a real lad.

He sorted everything out from start to finish, emailing me all the necessary information, keeping me up to date with what was going on, what were the next steps and answering any questions a long the way. There was no messing about, its like he was buying the car with me, step by step taking me through everything I needed to do.

“Car buying can be so tense and quite nerve-racking. Not with these guys! Felt relaxed the whole way”

Once everything had been finalised, it was just a matter of time before the car arrived… 2 weeks later the car was there! Ready to be unveiled, Just before I left to go there, I got an email. Dave had sent me a video showing my new car all wrapped up ready to be picked, it was  such a nice touch to really get your excited then before you know it I’ve arrived to the centre! There it was, hidden in the back… Under the silk cloth. I was so excited.

So we went into the back show room, unveiled it and I just fell in love right there and then! Dave then showed me the cars ins and outs and how it all worked and I was ready to go!

“These guys take you through the whole car buying experience with ease”

If you are thinking of getting a VW car in the future, make sure you head over to Johnsons Volkswagen in Birmingham! They don’t just sell you a car they take you step by step for the ultimate experience with safe hands and honest information.

If you have any other questions about Johnsons Volkswagen Birmingham, comment below or reach out to me on social media Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.