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Just Friends With Benefits, Can It Really Be Done? Without catching feelings? Well…

Good morning everyone, So yesterday I started watching one of my favourite movies, friends with benefits. A thought then crossed my mind. Is it really possible to be friends with just sex and no emotions… Or will it end up like the movie where they fall madly in love. Well, I knew what my answer was. But I wanted to ask the public, so after a 1 hour quick poll I got a return… 59% YES, 41% NO. So what does this mean?

friends with benefits poll, friends with sex

Well, 59% of the voters believe that you can just be friends with benefits, without the attachment of those feelings. Well, I have to say I agree! But there are… things to consider. Firstly, it is totally possible to just be friends with a girl, or a guy and have sex without strings attached. However, you have to consider certain aspects before going down that route. They are the following;

  1. Has there ever been a history between you two? – A history between you two can quickly turn into a relationship?
  2. Have you got a sexual attraction but no emotional attraction? The emotional attachment to someone can quickly change it from just sex to wanting more.
  3. Do you both want friends with benefits or is there another agenda? Make sure both parties just want sex.
  4. Are you both “Free Birds”? – No relationships, no ex boyfriends/ girlfriends lurking.
  5. Have you set rules and guidelines? –

There has to be rules;

  • like no cuddling.
  • No romantic dates.
  • No compliments.
  • No presents.
  • No Jealously.
  • No just hanging out without the agenda of sex.
  • No emotion.

Why I ask this is because while one person could want F.W.B the other person could be thinking a totally different thing. But don’t think for one minute it can just be the girls? Oh no.. Guys do it as well. Say they just want sex, then emotions take control… Whoops.

Sex is biological, its needed and can be quite addictive. We all need it and some of us need it more than others. So if you can find someone just to have sex with, without attachments…GREAT! But, do consider the above, as you can quickly be caught out.

If you have any other questions about a friends with benefits or need some personal advice, comment below or reach out to me on social media! Have a look at the post below as well, that will help you out as well!

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