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Good morning everyone,

I thought I would start this small post by saying, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Its Sunday, put your feet up, relax and kick back! Wherever you are in the world its time for a slow, stress free Sunday.

My Sunday mornings consist of waking up at around 9, I can’t sleep any later than that! Once I’m up, it’s straight to the kettle for me, it’s coffee time! A Big cup of Nescafe Original to get the day started right. Then its onto Breakfast, because I’m not limited for time I cook anything, from a huge fruit salad, to full english breakfast, whatever I’m feeling like! Then its time for a green tea, vitamin drink and I’m now I’m ready to get dressed, but as its Sunday sometimes I just chill in my dressing gown, this usually depends on how tired I’m feeling! At this point its 11 o’clock, I sit back down open up the laptop and put some tunes on. Usually a relaxing feel good playlist to put me in a good mood! Now I’m in my element! 🙂

How do you start your Sundays?

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